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MiSST Barbican Concert May 2015


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Our Beginnings

  • 23 April: Official launch of MiSST in Highbury Grove School with founders Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Andrew Wolfson present as special guests.
  • April: Italy Tour – 40 HGS students embark on a journey to Lucca in Italy.
  • June: Matthew Morrison who played Will Schuester in Glee drops in at Highbury Grove School and does an assembly offering students advice and a master class. An extremely exciting day for all students.
  • September: Lister Community School in Newham joins the programme with 240 year 7 students.  
  • October: New Zealand’s Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage Mr Christopher Finlayson visits HGS to learn about MiSST and the programme.
  • May: Lister school holds their spring concert where all year 7s perform a beginners level repertoire.
  • July: Year 7 HGS music students play at Lister Community Fayre.
  • September: 4 new schools join the MiSST programme; Frederick Bremer School in Waltham Forest, Sedgehill School in Lewisham, Mount Carmel RC College in Islington and Islington Arts and Media School.
  • November: A group of students busk at Highbury and Islington Underground Station to raise funds for musical instruments for students Parla – Spain.
  • December: All schools hold their Christmas/Winter Concerts.


  • 6 – 7 January: NYO Residency held at Highbury Grove. NYO musicians led workshops with students and all perform pieces orchestrated by Dimitri Scarlato.The NYO perform Elgar Symphony No 1 conducted by John Wilson to an invited audience – it was spectacular.
  • 26 January – 14 students from HGS invited by Andrew Lloyd Webber to see his recently revised musical CATS.
  • 7 – 12 February: 40 pupils tour to Parla – Spain.
  • 19 – 23 March: Italy Tour – HGS Junior Orchestra tour to Lucca in Italy.
  • 11 May: MiSST’s inaugural concert at the Barbican. An extremely important day for all students.
  • 1– 4 July: MiSST Summer Residency at Radley College.


Cyan Koay – Graduate of Programme

Cyan attended a local primary school in Islington and did not begin to study music until she was aged 12 when she started piano lessons at HGS. In Year 10, aged 14 she took up the flute and made exceptional progress. In less than 4 years she had achieved Grade 8 distinction.

Applying to Oxford to read music Cyan needed to secure not just an A in Music but also an A in each of her other A levels which were Maths and Spanish. This she did and is now about to graduate from Oxford at the end of the academic year.  Cyan intends to become a teacher and work with primary school children and has secured a place at Teach First.



Cyan Koay